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Hello fellow moviephiles,

I am a lover of the cinema and an obsessive compulsive DVD buyer. Before all the Blockbusters started disappearing you could find me there about twice a month looking through the used 4/$20 bins to see what movies I needed to add to my collection. I don’t buy as many movies as I used to (mostly because I’m trying to watch my budget, but also because I’m running out of room to store them). I have about 400 DVDs plus many of my favorite TV shows on DVD.  I have come to realize that there is a good chance I’ll never get to re-watch some of these movies before I die, so I have decided to watch and review my collection from A-Z. This could take a while, but somehow knowing that I’ll get to see a lot of these movies that I’ve let get dusty over the past few years gives me comfort.

The 2012 Oscars are in a little over a week so I am trying to finish watching at least the 9 best picture nominees. I used to be a lot better at that, but I barely make it to the movie theater anymore and I don’t have a netflix account so I do the best I can. So far I’ve seen The Descendants, Midnight in Paris, War Horse,  and The Artist. I plan on watching Hugo and Moneyball tomorrow. I used to be able to watch every single movie nominated, but the past few years I’ve barely been able to knock out the best pictures. I have to say I kinda miss those days. I miss getting ready to watch the Oscars with my Entertainment Weekly Oscar ballot sheet with me to see how many predictions I got right. I miss the passion I had a few years ago.  Maybe I’m mad that each year there seem to be omissions that I can’t wrap my head around (Midnight in Paris is the only movie in my personal top 10 that made this years Oscar ballot) and winners that shouldn’t have been nominated in the first place. *cough*Crash*Cough* But whatever it is, I just miss enjoying movies the way I used to. And if I’m ever going to use my college degree, I need to get back into the habit just like Sister Mary Clarence.

Yes, I’ve become a little pretentious in my movie choices; five years ago I might have seen the newest Transformers movie, but now I realize that life is too short to spend 2 hours watching a Michael Bay creation. But I still love my fun, cheesy, popcorn flicks. Hopefully from my posts you’ll get to rejoice in the fact that someone else loves that random movie you quote everyday or maybe you’ll decide to watch something that you never would have given a chance before.

But anyway, maybe you’ll see me again next week after the Oscars. Once they are over I plan on starting with the first movie on my list. (500) Days of Summer. I believe that is a perfect movie to start off on because it’s got a little bit of everything I like in a movie: laughter, drama, random dance sequences and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.







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