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#02 2 Days in Paris

2 Days in Paris

Starring Julie Deply and Adam Goldberg

I am a huge fan of the Julie Deply and Ethan Hawke films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Once I heard Julie Deply had not only starred in this, but had written and directed it, I knew I had to check this out. This movie shares a lot of the qualities of the Before Sunrise/Sunest movies. It’s about an American man, Jack,  and his French girlfriend, Marion, who stop in Paris for a couple days and sty with her parents. These 2 days consist of running into numerous ex boyfriends of Marion and the hilarity and, most importantly, the poignant dialogue about learning who you are at the crossroads of a relationship.

You will also easily see the resemblance to Woody Allen with  just about any Julie Deply film. What I love about both of their films are their willingness to narrow in on the characters thoughts so we see all their flaws. We see what makes them tick, what makes them happy, and often, what makes them act bat shit crazy.  Deply loves to talk about life, love, religion and politics. And let’s face it, those things make up who we are as humans. You cover those 4 basics principles of who we are. You don’t have to agree with these characters but you have to applaud their openness in discussing the things that define us. Yet, they steer away from coming off as pretentious, because how many of your snotty intellect  friends will admit to being so flawed or hop around Paris, smacking their mouths like a Native American Indian?

But back to the relationship. At first these two seems very happy together. But you also see that they are past their prime. The giddy feelings of a new relationship are gone. They can talk about their diarrhea with each other. That’s definitely more than a 4th date topic.  This is also the period where suspicion and jealousy can arrive. It doesn’t help that the couple are constantly running into Marion’s old flames. And it really doesn’t help that Jack doesn’t know French. For all he knows these handsome Frenchmen could be talking about how great the sex was when they were together and how much they want to get back in her pants.  This suspicious leads him to dig deeper into her past. And when you did deeper, you find things you probably shouldn’t. Even if it’s really innocent, your mind makes it not so. This all leads up to a brutally honest discussion about their relationship and where they stand. As with the Before Sunrise/Sunset films, it ends with a lot of ambiguity. Which is great because they could reconcile and be stronger then ever…for 3 days until life happens and these 2 people go their separate ways.  Or they could break up and then run into each a year later and fall back madly in love. These two characters, especially Marion, acknowledge that that’s how life works and they’re OK with it. That honestly is what makes this movie so great.




– Just a few days ago I heard that she is going to make a sequel called 2 Days in New York with Chis Rock. Now I see that it came out last year. I need to do some research to see if i can find it somewhere.

-“I’m not a fucking human dildo?” “You’re not?”

– Julie Deply not only acted in and directed this, but she also co-produced, edited, created the score,  and sang a song. I love her.

-Jack sending the Bush/Cheney crusaders into the ghetto via intentionally bad directions and then running into them the next day, after they had apparently been attacked and spray painted, was definitely an LOL moment.

-Next to watch is….28 Days Later. Zombie time!


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