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#03 28 Days Later

28 Days Later

Starring Cillian Murphy and Directed by Danny Boyle

Ive always loved Zombie movies. A lot of people do. Many of us Zombie fans like to think that we’d be really good if we were ever in a real zombie takeover. We think that way because we know the rules and we know what to do to ensure we stay human long enough to find the true safe haven or even better, a cure. 28 Days Later is one of the first of it’s kind ( at least the first that I’ve seen) tthe zombies zombie fan question that belief. These aren’t you just any zombies. These zombies are filled with Rage.

The first 20 minutes are pretty damn intense. We first see the beginning of the epidemic when animal activists invade a laboratory doing experiments on chimps. These chimps were infected with this rage, and the activists unknowingly introduce the world to its demise. 28 days later we meet Jim. He wakes up in a hospital after being hit by a car in a bike accident. He missed everything. We miss it to. We know something happens, just not to what extent. The streets of London are empty. And then we are slowly introduced to the infected. He has no idea what’s wrong with them but he’s smart enough to know to stay away.

The excitement stops for a little as Jim meets Selina and Mark, 2 survivors still hanging out in the city. Here Jim has time to learn what happened over the past month and let it sink in that he’ll never see his parents or friends again. He’s lost everything.

It doesn’t take long for the action to start again when another attack occurs and we already say goodbye to Mark. Goodbye. Nice knowing you.

Soon we meet up with a father and daughter. The father being played by the wonderful Brendan Gleeson (aka Mad-Eye Moody). The core of the movie takes place with these 4 characters. What I like about this movie is that it continuously keeps the tension even when it’s all smiles and laughs as they fill up on candy and liquor at a grocery store that’s surprisingly well stocked.

The third act, in my opinion, is what makes this movie even more original, and yet, what makes me not absolutely love the movie. Once we get to the “sanctuary,” the pacing changes. It happens often in zombie movies when the core group eventually has to stop somewhere for a long period of time. I’ve always enjoyed the journey part of a zombie movie. I like seeing what they come across and the hope that they’ll turn a corner and come upon an oasis of  life and hope for a better future.

What happens in the third act is interesting, but we lose track of the core characters.  Instead of an individual character study it becomes a study of humanity. What does society do when left to their own devices? As one of the characters says, not much really changes. It’s still the survival of the fittest. The powerful will still take advantage of the weak. The soldiers at the sanctuary abuse their power and now it seems that traveling across the country and fighting the zombies seems like a better option.

The ending of a zombie movie is always interesting because you really only have a few options. Either everyone  dies, or the few remaining people restart their journey leaving the audience to wonder how long they’ll make it this time. Because life really never gets to start over. You can’t run forever.

This movie ended well because the last 15 minutes were so intense that you didn’t care which route they went. The fight against the soldiers and the zombies  mixed with the score made the slightly cheesy ending better. Even though they were believed to be rescued, who knows were they we’re taken to this time.



-You’ll never hear an original piece of music again, you’ll never read a book that hasn’t been already written, and you’ll never see a movie that hasn’t already been filmed….scary thought.

-Love the scene of them watching the horses run freely and wondering if they are infected. All of a sudden you forget that the world is almost over.

-Jim seeing the plane high in the sky is an eerie sight. In these movies, you never really know what is happening on the other side of the world.

-While watching The Walking Dead a few weeks ago I asked myself why you never see naked zombies. Surely, someone was attacked while changing or in the shower or whatnot. Well, upon rewatching this, I found a naked zombie near the end of the movie!

-Up next… The sequel 28 Weeks Later…


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