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#04 28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later

Starring Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne and Jeremy Renner

6 months later, Mainland Britain has been able to contain the rage virus. The US Army has taken over and is now letting civilians back into the country. Things seems like they might be getting back to normal.

But first we open up with a nice homage to the original Night of The Living dead. A few people are living in an old house with its windows boarded up. And as we all know, a few wood boards don’t hold back the infected for too long.  After a man leaves his wife to die for his own safety, he finds his way back to London where the military has taken over. Soon after, his kids make there way back and they hear daddy’s lie about how mommy died and there was nothing he could do. And since kids are stupid they decide to leave the quarantine zone and head home quickly to find a picture of mommy so they can remember her. But surprise, surprise: Mommy is still alive. She was able to make it home with just a few bites and all her limbs. She’s been hiding out there for who knows how long. She’s infected but she’s immune. When the military finds the children, they also bring in mommy so she can be prodded and poked. Maybe they can find a cure after all.

But as with zombie movies, it’s never that easy. She knowingly infects daddy by kissing him. Payback’s a bitch. Once this happens all hell breaks loose. Again. With this disaster, the military decides that killing the infected is too hard. They’re just gonna have to shoot everyone, and then they just might as well blow up the whole damn city. Because one infected can quickly turn into 1,000 and they just can’t take the risk.

Most of the rest of the movie is about getting the little boy to safety because one of the scientists believes he’s the last hope to find a cure. A few deaths later and we’re brought to another ambiguous ending. They made it to safety, for now.

Do I like this better than the original? I’m not sure. It’s not a flat out yes or no, so I’d have to say they are both above average zombie movies. Though I guess at this moment I might give the edge to 28 Days Later. This one seemed to be more of an action movie while the first one was able to fit in a little bit of a character study.



I would like to see a zombie movie without such an ambiguous ending. I realize unless the planet blows up there can always be a zombie hiding in a dark alley somewhere but with so many zombie movies you’d think a few could come up with more than an open ended rescue.

Though I would love to see 28 months later in Paris.

I’m always surprised at the cast of this movie. When this first came out Rose Byrne and Jeremy Renner were fairly unknowns. And then I realized I knew Mr. Gold from ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Up next…..The 40-Year Old Virgin.


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