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#11 Alien


Starring Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skeritt, John Hurt, Ian Holm  and Veronica Cartwright

I recently watched Prometheus in theaters and I was not a fan. My biggest issue was that everything was unnecessary. Nothing really mattered. The “mystery” is created was a bunch of nonsense. And none of the characters really had any purpose.  It wasn’t effective as a smart sci-fi thriller and it was not effective as an action movie. I know many people will disagree with me, (though my boyfriend and several close friends agree) but I don’t believe Prometheus came close to matching the excellence of Alien.

I was never a huge Alien series fan. I’ve seen them all a few times. But every time I got back and watch the original Alien I am always reminded how well it pulls everything off. From the opening credits to the next 6 minutes of dialogue free tension, this movie knows how be unsettling. This movie has a lot of great actors, great set design and for 1979, decent visual effects. One thing that bugged me about the later Alien movies was that they had better special effects technology but tried to do too much with them. The special effects team for this movie knew what they could get away with and didn’t try to go overboard with things that would only make it look cheesy.

This movie did a great job at being really eerie  in the beginning and once the first victim was attacked by the facehugger, it became terrifying.  There were a few good action scenes in this movie but it was always about the slow building tension and the horror of what’s happening to these group of people.

The last scene when she’s alone with Jonesy the cat is such a phenomenal scene. Even when it’s an “action” scene, it’s still calm, smart and completely chilling.



– Oscar Winner Alert! Best Visual Effects

– Sigourney Weaver is the best badass. Male or female.

– It’s amazing to see how young Sigourney still looks and how old her male costars now look. She refuses to age.

Up next: Aliens


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