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#12 Aliens


Starring Sigourney Weaver, Lance Henriksen, Paul Reiser,  Michael Biehn,  and Bill Paxton

This movie came out when I was one. 1986. A whole 7 years after the original Alien. I honestly don’t remember when I saw this, but I know it was the first Alien movie I saw. Before I really got into movies I always enjoyed watching this because it’s a great action flick.  When I began to understand movies better, I was able to respect this movie for being an action flick with a brain.

I always like when sequels pick up immediately after the previous film ended. I feel that when sequels fast forward a bunch, it’s because the writers couldn’t think of a way to make what happens next be interesting. Ripley is rescued after being in hypersleep for  57 years. Of course nobody believes Ripley when she explains what happened to her crew aboard the Nostromo. The planet everything started on is now colonized with humans. Once contact with the planet is lost, Ripley agrees to aid a team of tough and obnoxious space marines to find out what happened. Of course we all know what happened. More terror ensues.

What’s great about Alien and Aliens is that we are allowed to see this story as two different genres. Aliens certainly steps up the pace and delivers more scares and much more action. The acting can be a little rough at times (I’m talking to you Bill Paxton) but it’s from the characters who are supposed to be annoying so it kind of works.

The best thing about this movie is of course Sigourney Weaver. She was relatively new when she starred in Alien and 7 years later she certainly was ready to become a tough bitch again. She was actually nominated for her first of 3 Oscars for this movie. (I still can’t believe that she has never won one!) She completely redefined gender roles in action movies and made every male character look like a scared teenager.

Amongst many film fanatics there has always been the debate of which is better. Alien or Aliens. I personally have to give the edge to Alien because I’m a big fan of the slow build up. Most sci fi film lack depth and feel they have to amp up the action to be interesting. And partly because I was rooting for some of the characters in Aliens to die.



-Oscar Winner Alert!  Best Special Effects. Best Sound Editing.

-The little girl who played Newt had never acted before and has never acted since. Not to bad for a one time child actor.

-Of all four films, I ‘d have to say this movie had the best special effects.

Up next: Alien 3


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