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#17 Annie Hall

Annie Hall

Starring Woody Allen and Diane Keaton

This is my first of many Woody Allen films in my collection. I actually got into his films pretty late into my film obsession. I saw Small Time Crooks in theaters and absolutely fell in love with his humor. I watched a lot of his more recent films at that point and then started getting back to his classics. I had already had an obsession with Diane Keaton at that point so I’m surprised it took me so long to watch this. This actually isn’t my favorite Woody Allen film but it’s up there.

To me two of the most important parts of a movie are the writing and the chemistry between actors. The acting itself is of course important but it’s amazing how much good chemistry can transcend mediocre acting. Obviously we don’t have to worry about mediocre acting in this movie but the chemistry between Diane and Woody takes everything to a whole new level. Their relationship is so honest and raw and real. The internal struggles of the characters in his movies become the plot itself.




-Oscar Winner Alert!: Best Picture, Best Actress (Diane Keaton), Best Original Screenplay, Best Director (Woody Allen) Also nominated for Best Actor (Woody Allen)

– I can’t go to a movie that already started either.

– I would love to have a few Woody Allen screenplays to sit and read through. Annie Hall would be at the top of the list because there is just so much happening within the dialogue that you hear and fully understand new jokes with each viewing. I really feel that Woody Allen paved the way for current comedies on TV and Film alike that have so meaning when you read between the lines.

-Up Next: Atonement


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